Awarded a Certificate of Appreciation by NCC

During the period of the Annual Meeting of CEAL/AAS, Mr. Ikuo Sasakawa (Director of Secretariat of JANUL and member of Committee on International Scholarly Communication of JANUL, and also Associate University Librarian of University of Tokyo Library) was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation by North American Coordinating Council on Japanese Library Resources (NCC) at the occasion of NCC Open Meeting on April 7 in San Francisco, U.S.
This award is definitely based on the tremendous praise of his contribution with “face-to-face communication” among university librarians for having promoted the scholarly communication between North America and Japan as well as his commitment to the launching of Global ILL Framework (GIF) at the North America-Japan ILL/DD initiative as a member of GIF Project Team, (Special) Committee on International Scholarly Communication, JANUL.


Certificate of Appreciation and Mr. Ikuo Sasakawa

Awarded a Certificate of Appreciation by NCC And besides, at the reception party of Japan Foundation, our GIF Project Team conducted a poster session in cooperation with North American counterparts focusing on the invitation to participating in the GIF initiative.

Mr. Ikuo Sasakawa and Ms. Tosie Marra (chair of NCC)